Build an application that enhances the connected travel consumer experience.

The OpenTravel Alliance is the source for the most adopted, cross-industry technology standards that enable business solutions driven by the travel community.  OpenTravel is passionate about solving the problems inherent with connecting multiple systems within the complex travel distribution arena.

Your goal is to present an innovative solution that enhances the connected consumer experience for the travel industry using at least one of the APIs provided that implement OpenTravel Messaging.

Cash prizes will be awarded for first ($1,000.00), second ($500.00) and third ($250.00) place winners.  Each winners submission video will be presented at the OpenTravel Advisory Forum, Amsterdam on April 12th.

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Create a web-based application that enhances the connected consumer’s travel experience in a unique way utilizing at least one of the provided APIs that implement OpenTravel messaging.  Your goal is to present an innovative solution that enhances the connected consumer experience for the travel industry. 

Some examples include:

  • A traveler is working with a specific budget, create a way for them to easily plan and book their travel while staying within their budget constraints.
  • A new user experience that improves the decision-making efficiency for the travel consumer.  
  • Create a backend tool used by travel agencies or travel product suppliers to support the travel consumer.

 Be creative and think outside the box.  Happy hacking!

How to enter

Register for the OpenTravel VHack on devpost.

Request access to the APIs you wish to use - Click here to access APIs

Build your functioning application

Shoot your demo video showcasing your functioning application

Share your video and application with the judges

Submit your application on before 5pm EST on April 8, 2018  for consideration in the hackathon.


David Velasquez

David Velasquez
Senior Vice President | LinksRez

Gene Quinn

Gene Quinn
President | Confluence Partners LLC

Sandy Angel

Sandy Angel
Director of Specifications | OpenTravel Alliance

Alexander Aigner

Alexander Aigner
Aigner Art & Consulting GmbH



Judging Criteria

  • Addresses OpenTravel VHack Challenge
    How does the project address the VHack challenge to create something new and useful in digital travel? What are the business implications, revenue potential, product or service potential?
  • Originality
    How does the idea and execution compare to existing products/service in the marketplace AND/OR other OpenTravel VHack projects in creativity, originality and innovation?
  • Technical Merit
    What are the technical merits? Is it coded and does it work on mobile and other digital platforms? Does it show a high degree of programming and design skills compared to other projects?
  • Presentation Skill
    How compelling is the team’s explanation of the problem to be solved, project concept, use case and presentation of the idea compared to other competitors?


  • Productivity
  • Lifehacks